Mini Mystery Soap Bag

Was: $23.85
Now: $15.00
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Mini Mystery Surprise bags are back for a limited time! Such a huge value!
This may be the best deal we have ever offered.  All fantastic soaps although maybe a little cosmetically challenged, soap odds & ends,and some soaps that have dings and dents, unlabeled etc. No little slivers here!
You will receive 3 bars of soap in random fragrances, some labeled, some unlabeled packed up in a craft bag and ribbon.
A great way to stock up on great soap for a little cash!

*Soaps in this grab bag may be vegan or may not be vegan some may contain essential oils, some may contain phthalate free fragrance oils,soaps may contain nut oils, shea butter, and herbs, if you have allergies or a strict vegan this may not be for you.
**These are mystery bags we can not take special requests.